Sweeney’s New, Easy-to-Set Deadset Mole Trap- Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

There’s a lot of critters I dislike, and there’s plenty of them I get along with, moles are not one of them. My dogs normally take care of our critter problem but mole’s tend to be those pesky things that literally pop up and disappear leaving destruction in their path. Mole’s can be very destructive to lawns and gardens, they also don’t just go away like other critter’s tend too. 
We recently had a chance to review the Sweeney’s New East to Set Deadset Mole trap. The new trap is extremely easy-to-set thanks to an ergonomically designed, easy-to-grasp handle and a patented triggering system. Precision built, the Deadset trap is triggered by the slightest underground movement, effectively driving the spears into the ground and killing the mole.  

My husband has used these traps before, he knew right away how to set them and took me on a lesson! Before setting the Deadset Mole Trap, it’s recommended to water down the lawn to bring the moles food source (earthworms and bugs) up close to the surface where the trap will be placed.  The next step is to locate active tunnels. “Flatten tunnels by walking on them and then wait a day,If the tunnel rises up, it’s active. This is where the trap should be placed.”  -Stew Clark, Sweeney’s Director of Research
When setting a mole trap it is important to make sure the spears can move freely through the ground when the trap is triggered.  You can test the Deadset Mole Trap by pulling up on the handle to set the trap and then pushing down on the trap release lever located on the side of the trap. This will drive the spears into the ground.  Raise and lower the trap until the spears are unobstructed by roots or rocks.  Always use the release lever to trip the trap before moving it to another location.  Of course don’t be setting these out around where the kids are playing. 
The Deadset Mole Trap is sold at leading retailers nationwide and on the company’s website at www.wrsweeney.com. For more information, visit the company’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SweeneysDIYPestControl, call 1-800-837-7644
They really work well, so if you have pesky moles tearing up your lawn and even garden I’d recommend the Sweeney’s New, Easy-to-Set Deadset Mole Trap!  Want to Win one? Today is your lucky day! One of my wonderful readers has the chance to win a Sweeney’s East to set Deadset Mole Trap! Enter below, sorry this is only open to US only~

**Disclosure- I received the products mentioned above , in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write a positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.*   

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