Wild Flowers Galore

While the summer vegetable garden is perking up a bit the flowers are just booming around the garden.  I did a bunch of pruning back and clearing out areas to plant more flowers. Though I’ve never had trouble with pollinators in the garden just the idea of not having them around when the vegetable garden needs it the most makes me plan to lure them in even more, thus planting more flowers. The best way to lure pollinators into the garden to help pollinate a vegetable or even herb garden is to have small patches of flowers throughout your garden. More or less you want the flowers on both ends of your garden and your middle if not more throughout. You get the best coverage that way. These are a few throughout my garden so far.

California Poppies! 

These aren’t wild flowers but they are Mustard Greens about to go to seed! I have as you can see tons 🙂

It’s very colorful around here that’s for sure! I do have a collection of the seeds if anyone would like about 100 or so. It’s all mixed, just email me  mburbage@sbcglobal.net 

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