Winter garden still going!

It’s been another stormy week around here. We dodged hail, wind, criss-crossing rain and our flooding back yard. This year’s weather is testing my patience let me tell you, and I know some of you are tired of hearing about it as well.

Too bad! No just kidding, it’s been sunny the last two days thankfully which was a welcome change of pace. Enough of the weather,

Winter garden is still booming! Greens everywhere, and plenty to pick for weeks to come. Some mustard is in the process of flowering and the next sets will be following in a couple weeks. I’ll be collecting seeds once they flowers die off.

Lady bug enjoying a safe spot on my Mustard greens 
Mustard seed going to flower

You can never have too many chives! These will go to seed very soon as well. 
As the winter garden is still going, I am putting in things for the Summer, starting with the beans and peas. 
These are the Scarlet Runner Beans, I will have tons of these all over the yard. If you keep picking the flowers they produce more and I got a full 4 harvests last year plus enough seeds to do this years garden.  They are a keeper around here! 
More to come, so check back next week! 

3 thoughts on “Winter garden still going!

  1. beverly h

    Well, Spring is here in the South! We just planted a small raised bed garden for my grand daughter and will be excited to have some fresh veggies come Summer…

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