Annular Solar Eclipse- How to make a viewer!

We are in the perfect location to view the Eclipse tonight!

The moon will slides over the sun, blocking out the center and leaving a glowing ring called an “annulus.”. Or as my kids are completely excited to view “The Ring of Fire” Those of you who have watched Finding Nemo probably just said this in the voice of Bloat 😉

On to the Eclipse! It isn’t easy to explain to young kids how viewing the sun during this Eclipse will damage their eyes, but it needs to be done. Young children and even young adults are the most likely to do just that during the eclipse, so you need to be prepared. Gather the kids or your group if you plan on viewing the eclipse together and start making your own view boxes! This is simple, quick and a perfect science craft for the entire family.

What you need!

Grab some shoe boxes (Capri sun boxes work perfectly, and even cereal boxes)
White piece of paper
A pin needle,
cardboard cutter knife


  • Cut a small hole (about 1 inch across) in one end of the shoe box, near an edge.
  •  Tape a piece of tinfoil over the hole.
  •  Using a pin or needle, punch a hole in the center of the foil.
  •  Tape a small piece of white paper to the inside of the box, at the opposite end from the foil-covered hole. The paper should be positioned so that light entering the box through the pin hole will hit it. This is where you’ll look for the sun.
  •  Cut a 1 inch-diameter hole in the box near the image screen (the white piece of paper), but on a different side of the box — the side adjacent to the screen. This is your viewing hole; it must be positioned such that you can look through it at an angle and see the image screen.
Our Box! 

Pretty easy! 

The eclipse starts tonight at 5:17pm with the best viewing around 6:30. It will end by 7:30
 I’ll update if I can get any pictures tonight!

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