Chamomile Herbal Bath Salts

We all like to enjoy and relax at the end of the day, but there’s also really no reason to be spending a lot of money on it to make that happen. Bath salts are one of those easy to make products you can use to enhance a bath you crave for at the end of a long day. While there are plenty of boutiques and local shops that offer the most wonderful scented salts I’ve come across in my area I keep to making my own.
   There’s a couple reasons besides the obvious one, you save money by making things yourself but that’s not the only reason. I have sensitive skin, so reading label after label for something as simple as bath salts I get tired of not being able to find something I can use. Whether they added coloring or other ingredients that irritate my skin it’s just not something I’m willing to pick up anymore. I can easily make my own blend and adjust everything down to the oils I put into it so it will fit perfectly for me. Since growing and collecting my own herbs it’s become even easier to do. Two of my favorites to use are Chamomile and Lavender which carry their own scents and make a very relaxing mixture. Here’s an easy soothing Herbal recipe to try at home.

Chamomile Herbal Bath Salts
3 parts Epsom Salts
3 parts table salt
1 part powdered milk
Finely ground chamomile or lemon balm (you can even use lavender if you have that)
Your choice if any fragrance
* optional coloring, use only coloring used in soap making

 Ground up your choice of herbs. Stir together the two salts and powdered milk. If using dye/coloring leave this to last. Add in your choice of fragrance, in this case it was my own Chamomile oil made using the flowers. It won’t be as strong as store bought oils but that’s fine with me. Add in 2 drops of oil, stir until combined and . Once you have the scent you like add in the coloring if you are using. Always make sure you start with one drop and mix throughout. Add in one drop at a time till the color is what you desire. Add in the ground herb of choice, mix and test to see if it’s to your liking. Poor and or scoop into your container of choice and label.

Remember* Some oils are stronger than others, start small mix and test.  If the finished batch does come off two strong, mix in more salt to even it out. If it needs more add one drop at a time.

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