Garden Update- It’s a Jungle of Strawberries!

It appears the local squirrels and cats are having fun with my garden as each day I go out and find another plant missing. We are now down, 6 squash plants, and four bush beans. I’m beginning to wonder if they think this is funny or something. It’s getting on my nerves and it’s not fun to deal with what so ever. I’ve set my dogs out front to stand guard, maybe that’ll help.

In other garden news, my Strawberries are bursting out of their containers!

That’s not even half of them either! 
I love picking fresh strawberries, they are warm and ripe from the sun, perfectly sweet! I’ll be planting bush beans in with the strawberries they are awesome companion plants, plus I hope by doing so the squirrels and cats will stop tearing them up. Why they like bush beans I will never know! 
Strawberries are great for pots or containers, so if you don’t have that much room don’t fret, you can easy have some fresh berries just like any other. Pick a spot, and  a pot then grab some plants. I made another post awhile back about strawberry plants, it can get you started, check it out here.
Happy Monday!

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