I declare a lazy day…

Monday my computer crashed, which in so many words was crazy stressful. It all worked out in the end, I only lost programs that can easily be installed again. Nothing of value which includes precious memories were lost. Before I get into the “Lazy Day” I declared I’ll remind you all to back your computer up! Back it up twice, back it up three times. It’s incredibly important and you just don’t know what will happen. Also make sure you have some sort of security program on your computer and run your scans as well. I have always been careful but somehow my computer was still struck by a virus. It’s beyond stressful to deal with that so back things up, and make sure your computer is secure.

Besides the computer mishap this week, we all woke up with colds the other day. It went from being cold, to hot and now it’s back to cold with rain. Again with the rain! It was a good day to be lazy no doubt, which means it’s lazy dinner night. By lazy I mean using little to no effort at all.

I cooked BBQ pork ribs the other night which gave me leftovers to work with. Soaking some beans over night which only requires dumping dry beans in a pot and covering it with water anyone can do it. Next morning I drained, sorted and dumped the pork ribs in with the beans before pouring chicken broth in the pot . Throw in some onions, a pepper here, garlic there.

Bam. Dinner.

Who knew being lazy could taste so good? 

There is no recipe for this but I will list what went into it

1 bag of dried kidney beans
1 large onion chopped
1 cup of chipped peppers (any kind you want)
3-4 cloves of garlic
Enough chicken broth to cover beans
I added about 2lbs of pork ribs

Soak your beans or used canned for an even easier meal. You can do this on the stove or slow cooker, dump rinsed and sorted beans into pot. Your choice of meat, I love using left over pork (bone in) or ham (bone in) Place your meat in with the beans. Add your onion, peppers, garlic and seasoning if you which. Most the flavor will be coming from your meat, but you can add a couple tablespoons of chili powered, or make it a brown sugar bean dish, it’s totally up to you. Pour in chicken broth until the beans are just covered and cook on medium until mixture starts to boil. Bring the heat down and cook for 3 hours to start with if your cooking on the stove. If your cooking in the slow cooker just let it sit all day long. Stir once in awhile .Your want the beans to be tender and the meat to be falling off the bone. Just keep checking this would normally cook 5-8 hours in the slow cooker, or about 3-4 on the stove. If mixture isn’t thick you can add corn starch in there but the beans usually soak up the liquid pretty well. Be sure to remove the bones from the beans before you serve this!

Serve with fresh bread or rolls and enjoy!

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