The many stages of my garden

The garden is in several different stages right now, winter plants are going to seed, spring plants are being harvested and summer plants are finally starting to bloom while a fresh new batch of seedlings is sprouting.

My kids find it fascinating day to day, they help plant the seeds, transfer seedlings or help harvest the food and or collect the seeds. On any given day we are doing all of it and never seem to slow down. That’s the whole idea on my four season garden. Constantly rotating and each section of garden is at a different stage. It takes constant planning to keep the garden moving in order to have a never ending harvest. It’s one big circle and I’m enjoying it even though there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get things done. Here’s a peak at a few things around the garden. 

My Scarlet Runner Beans will be flowering now till very late November. 

Chives have started to flower and go to seed, these will be growing year long

Mustard Seed, pods. Different from the Large Broad Mustard Leaf. I have hundreds waiting to dry up and collect for seeds. 

Squash has gone from sleeping to flowering in a few short weeks. 

Always busy, always thriving just like my kids! 

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