Garden Report- A tragic end for the Sweet Peas!

Peas, those delicious and cheerful looking green vegetables that make you just want to smile. They rise above growing towards the sky inch by inch. Along their way perfectly white flowers bloom attracting bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. At their peak they burst out a green pod which holds so cozy and tight cute peas that are waiting for that very moment to ripen. Their sole purpose is to mature and they await to be plucked by hand at harvest time before gracing our dinner tables. 
Such an adorable vegetable had it all and so much more!  
Then it happened! 
The peas never saw it coming…..

The discovery was made  over the weekend. It was a horrible site, peas everywhere on the ground. Drying up, shrinking in the already blistering suns heat. They never had a chance, there were no survivors! Hundreds of peas had suffered a horrible slow death. Clean up was slow and filled with sadness, making everyone remember a happier time.

When peas were bright and cheerfully green.
The Beans now fear for their lives and we are left with a daunting thought…..
What vegetable will be next!?  
(The heat killed the peas over the weekend, blistering high 105+ degrees wiped out two whole harvests) 

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