Garden- A Slow Process

Everyone knows how much work goes behind a garden, it’s a daily task that some enjoy so much like myself that they don’t even mind the slower more longer tasks that take up a chunk of your time.

Some tasks like the one I’ve been doing this past week is becoming more of a pain more than anything though. The birds have jumped in to help in their own way and it’s becoming a bother. They have taken it upon themselves to harvest my mustard seeds.

I threw netting over it, which they quickly yanked off. A blanket which blew away in the wind and then I just up and gave up. Let them have seeds, I’ll take what’s left over!

There’s plenty to share but they take so much so fast I’d love to know their secret to make a slow process look like a no brainier.  While  I sit and pluck each seed pod from the stem, I also have to open each pod.  All they do is nibble on the thing and they get their treat.

A long and slow process but it’s worth all the seeds! 

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