(in)spired Deals Tote- Review

As a Mom on the go I am always in the need for a bag to carry around a number of items I love finding new bags to tote around and just happened to review two wonderful totes from Inspired Deals.

“Hope for the best. God’s in the habit of giving it.” 
Hope for the Best – Oil Cloth Tote
It says it all in the quote, “Hope for the Best’ That’s what circles my mind most days. My kids send me running in circles all the time, keeps me busy on my toes and laughing endlessly. I enjoy it so much!  Don’t often get my me moments so I do hope for the best , that one single moment in the day where someone isn’t calling me to wipe, clean up, or making something. This bag makes me smile ,  may not have my “alone” moments to the day but I certainly can enjoy whatever is thrown at me even if it’s chaos which I do each and everyday!

 This bag is my favorite, not too big but not too small and just perfect for any outings with my kids. I normally carry it to the park and it is so different from any other bag I have tugged around with me, including old diaper bags. Ugh, well we have all been there and done that haven’t we? We’re at the park every day, and with four kids you tug around items. I love how this bag can fit so much and is easy to carry. It makes toting around my books to read at the park a breeze.  The outside can be wiped down if needed, sturdy handles and a beautiful lining inside.

I’m not normally one for pink but this design lining made it pop and I just all out love it! 

 The other bag I received to review helps me with shopping! I use it to help when I drop by the store real fast and can carry it easily out. The bag is super sturdy, and the nice lone handles don’t hurt my shoulders as other bags do. I am now and forever in love with my two tote bags It’s called God’s Idea – Jute Tote Bag. Cute as can be, my daughter like this one the best, it’s just all around playful. It can be cleaned as well, another great thing about both bags. 

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**Disclosure- I received the products mentioned above , in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write a positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.*

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  1. My Journey With Candida

    I love totes. I have quite a few and seem to use all of them.. I have ones for the farmers market, ones for shopping.. I seem to have a tote for everything I do.

    This tote is adoreable and I love the little saying on it.

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