New Project and Garden update

The weather is on a crazy streak, it’s gone from scorching hot to a couple days below 70 and completely windy. It felt like fall today, and it’s driving my kids nuts. They want pool weather, not sweater weather.
Even though we haven’t enjoyed the pool in a day or so, the change of weather has given me time to mess around in the garden without burning up in the heat. 
Beans all over the place. These are planted around a dead tree, and happily climbing up. I can’t wait for it to be in full bloom and will show you a picture later on, instead of making more room or digging the dead tree up, I’ve used to to my advantage for the climbing beans. 

Kidney beans! Cannot wait for these!
Raspberries galore, the kids pick them fast and I rarely get a bite myself. 
New project in the works! 
I am a seed collecting fool, so much so that I’ve finally convinced my husband to build me a seed box. Stay tuned for those updates, it’s going to be awesome! 

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