Saving a memorable Garden

We have lived in this house for several years, but know sooner or later we must find a new home. With four growing kids it’s bound to happen- running out of room. My worst fear isn’t about anything most people even worry about when your moving. Instead of worrying about packing or perhaps the hassle of changing the mail, I worry about my garden.
 All that hard work year round I put into planting. After all I have nurtured those plants from seed so it’s alarming to think I would actually have to leave it all behind. A vegetable garden would be hard to lose but half my garden can and will (if needed) be moved easily. Other parts I’ve considered taking with me are flowers that have grown around the house. There’s certain flowers in my yard even from my area that I’d like to take with me if and when we move to a different house.

This amazing bush of cute tiny flowers is one of my favorites at my house. It’s “Profusion”, white Santa Barbara Daisy.

It was here before we moved in and was well established. It starts blooming right before spring and doesn’t really stop until about December. It was also one of the first plants I tried to grow a cutting from. A cutting is just a piece of it’s branching system, some with or without leaves depending on what plant your working with. I picked a cutting from underneath that had new growth to it and was able to start my own little bush elsewhere in the yard. Cuttings can be challenging to grow but this plant took off quickly. Since then I have started others and  plant them or giving them away to people I know. It’s really easy now for me to start a entirely new bush from one single cutting. This way I can up and take it where ever we go!
 Up until recently it never crossed my mind to start saving the seeds from it! Silly I know considering I collect endless seeds from plants all around me.

 It’s easy to over look the seed process with this because while the entire bush is in full bloom you can almost  miss the flower heads that are already going to seed. I collect a bag full of their fuzzy seeds nearly each week and made sure they are completely dry before storing them. I planted a few seeds to see how well they would start.

It took two weeks for them to sprout, and if your not even careful, you may even miss that. They are so very tiny
The seeds themselves are small as well, so be careful when collecting. They have the same little “fuzz” that dandelions have so they can catch the wind and fly. 

 I’ve never seen them in stores but have seen them growing in yards once or twice. The strange thing is though, that the plants I see are so small which makes me wonder how old the bush in my yard is. Or maybe the plant is slow to grow from seeds. I am not sure. My cuttings remaining growing at a steady pace around the garden. This will be the first start from seeds.  I will keep marking it’s progress as I’d like to bring them along with me whenever the time comes to move. It will be interesting to find out what the plant can do!

5 thoughts on “Saving a memorable Garden

  1. Monique

    I get it. I only garden in container gardens, but when we leave this house I think about what to do with those containers. It made me happy when I read last week that a full-time RV'er takes her plants with her everywhere she goes – and she grows veggies!

  2. Terri

    I love gardening! The weather has just turned in Michigan so I can start putting my annuals in! I look forward to it every year!

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