Vegetable Recipe Challenge- Day 20- Tomato Soup

There’s so many tomato soup recipes I decided to just go for one myself. Though it doesn’t seem like the weather to eat warm tomato soup I wanted to be able to can it so the soup had to be started anyhow! This is simple, basic ingredients, tomatoes, fresh herbs, cream and that’s it. Basic as it comes as well as perfectly fresh!

Tomatoes (always pick ripe and ones without blemishes or marks/bruises)
Italian seasoning (or use all fresh herbs, basil thyme, rosemary, sage, and oregano)
optional additions, chives, shallots (chipped finely)

 Take your tomatoes and core them. set them in a large pot and heat with just about a tablespoon of oil. Heat all the tomatoes and start crushing them. Once they are all heated and soft, give them another good crushing a potatoes masher works great for this. Next you’ll want to run your tomatoes through a sieve. 
Toss the skin and seeds aside, take your tomato mix and bring it back to the pot, heat on low. Season with your choice of herbs along with your garlic. Heat mixing through and slowly add the cream, only a little at a time. you want your mixture to heat and thicken, if you add to much cream it’ll be cream with tomato, instead of cream “of” tomato soup. 

I don’t have any measurements for this, as you use the amount of tomatoes on hand and season completely by taste. I used almost 6 cups tomatoes and only about half a cup of cream. It gave me around 4 cups of soup. It was great! I loved it, really great with homemade bread.