Vegetable Recipe Challenge- Day 8- Spinach and Mushroom Sandwich

Sandwiches are quick to make, or at least most of them anyways. With the garden booming in green I go right outside and pick some vegetables for a sandwich these days. This weekend I made several different kinds, but my favorite was the Spinach, mushroom and tomato. You could probably grill this and make it a grilled cheese vegetable sandwich but I wasn’t willing to wait anylonger to eat.

I love the fresh taste of this, if I’m feeling really adventurous I’ll add a splash of red wine vinegar or garlic vinegar in while I’m tossing the spinach. 

2 cups fresh  baby spinach rinsed
Slices of Swiss cheese
1 tomato sliced
1 portabella mushroom rinsed
pepper to taste


Heat up a cast iron skillet, you don’t need oil but you may use a tablespoon or two. Drop spinach in the skillet and cook till wilted. Season with pepper, and toss before removing from heat. Heat mushroom in remaining oil until nicely browned on both sides. Prepare your bread how you like it, I just lay the cheese on it and let the warm spinach melt it. Lay your slices of tomato, mushroom and spinach on cheese. Cut and eat!


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  1. Barb

    Melanie, I'm bookmarking your recipe!! I love spinach and portabello mushrooms! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Following you on Google+ now!

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