Finished Project – The Seed Box

No surprise here, I collect seeds by the dozen. It came across my mind a few months back that I should really have a place to store them other than a cardboard box. Of course in order to have my plan work I needed to convince the husband of this also. It was easier than I though to tell you the truth, he needs projects to keep him busy.

Or I need projects to keep him busy, however you look at it, this is possibly my all time- hands down- favorite thing my husband has made me.

Meet My Seed Box!

Pretty isn’t it?

I’ve filled it up much more since this picture, and it’s overflowing with seeds all around the garden. I’m in love with the box!

It’s perfect, and I cart it around in the garden about once a week collecting seeds from plants. It’s nifty to have around, and I thank my husband pretty much every time it’s opened, no joke! 
Bet I can honestly say I’m the only one on my block with a custom made seed box 😉

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