Four Season Garden Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my garden, but with the last months Recipe challenge being all about the vegetables within the garden you can pretty much guess it’s been keeping me really busy.

The first tomato plants that had been planted for early harvest are actually already being pulled up. They’ve completed a nice full harvest for me, and the next wave of tomatoes is still in the next stage ready to ripen. I have three stages of tomato, planted for early harvest, summer harvest and a late harvest, so there’s plenty to still happen just with tomatoes alone.

Beans, huge bounty there, already picked three times, my kidney beans are ready to be picked these of course must all dry in their pods on the plant before picking. Once those are done, another set is ready to takes it’s place.

Kidney beans dried in pod, ready to store away for later use! Red Scarlet’s bean pods can get up to 10 inches long before they are ready to be picked! 
Greens galore

Squash, new sets were planted with a total of 8 different varieties, now if only teh squirrel leaves them alone, maybe they’d grow!

Anything happening in your garden? 

5 thoughts on “Four Season Garden Update

  1. jusmel

    I lOVE THIS ! Lets see, whats happening in my garden.. I started WAY too late because we moved in May, so everything is just starting to produce. We ate a TON of cherry tomatoes last night yay! I love how baby butternut squash look just like the full grown, my first time with those 🙂 Ummm I have like 8 beans from 6 plants LOL ! The ground hogs favorite I guess. All in all, I look forward to checking the garden everyday !! I am making zucchini and cucumber pickles later YUMMY

  2. Becky Jane

    It's great to see the 'yummy' fruits of your labors. Because of our move we don't have a garden this year, but several neighbors and friends have put together a neighborhood garden exchane. Anyone with extra produce can bring theirs to a central location and leave it for others to take. Anyone needing produce can stop by and take what they need whether they have any to exchange or not. It's open everyday all day long. I think it's a great idea!

    I've been absent for quite awhile and it's good to read your posts again. (Hopefully I'll start writing again too.)

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