Lock Up Safety For Students Headed Back-to-School

School Safety Tips & The Master Combo Challenge

Kids are getting ready to head back to school this time of year and as aparent we strive to get ready and prepare them for the school year.
There’s school lists to check twice, supplies to stock up on, lunch boxes to stuff up and books to buy, the list goes on. I’ll have three kids out of four heading to school this year and I find myself saying the same things

  • Do not talk to strangers
  • Never get in the car with someone they do not know
  • Label your belongings
  • Never leave valuables unattended
  • Do not walk off campus at any time
  • Stick with the class during field trips

We pay for gear, and gadgets, and all the other stuff in between that we don’t’ want to end up having to replace them. Have you spoken to your kids about keeping their belongings safe?

We’ll be teaching our oldest about safety and locking up his bike this year since he’ll be riding too and from school by himself. The Master Lock dial Speed lock will come in handy for him, it look super user friendly.
You along with your children that are school bound can play the game to get helpful tips on how to stay safe at school as well as keeping the possessions safe. Take the Master Combo challenge on Master Lock’s Website. Stay safe and Happy School Year!!

Disclosure: By posting this information, I’m entered to win a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.