The Garden planted itself!

Over the last few years if you’ve followed my garden updates you know that my vegetable plants have sprung up pretty much in the most unlikely places. I no longer plant cherry tomatoes, as they sprout themselves in about five locations in my garden. Who am I to complain? It just planted itself!

Usually though they sprout up in odd places, not convenient at all so they need to be relocated. This year however some tomatoes took it upon themselves to sprout in a perfect companion spot. Right with the roses.

Why is this good? Tomatoes help protect the roses against black spots!

Unfortunately  while the tomato was smart enough to find a growing mate, it’s not in the best areas. The area is shaded mostly so it’s growing mighty thin.

Next year if you find yourself wanting to plant some tomatoes and have roses,  team them up. Or if the location isn’t best, you can make a solution to protect the roses from black spots. Take a good handful of tomato leaves and chop them all up, place in a quart jar of water and add a tablespoon of cornstarch. Stir, and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray all over the rose plants. Simple, frugal, organic.

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