Vegetable Recipe Challenge- Day 31- Heirloom Vegetable Sandwich

This sandwich is packed with fresh vegetables from the garden. I love mixing different varieties of the tomatoes up, it brings a new taste each time. Use what you have on hand, I plant many varieties for different reasons, canning, sauces. Then there’s the ones for sandwiches, big juicy ones. This sandwich has Big Rainbow and Brandy wine tomatoes in there, full of flavors.

Ciabatta bread 
2 different tomatoes, heriloom varieties offer many colors each with different tastes,  Use what’s on hand though!
1 handful of baby spinach leaves
one small zucchini sliced lengthwise and grilled/sauteed in butter
Parsley Aïoli * below
Slice of fresh mozzarella cheese *warmed*

Directions- Saute your zucchini a few minutes on each side till tender. Take slice of cheese and place it on the hot grill for only a few second then take off, you just want it warmed, not melted. Cut your bread and spread Parsley Aïoli on it evenly.  Arrange spinach, then layer cheese, and vegetables. Slice in half and enjoy!

One recipe for Parsley Aïoli

1 cup fresh parsley leaves
1 garlic clove
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon mustard
1/4 cup mayo (fat free)
Pepper to taste

Take all the ingredients and put them in a food processor. Process until it’s blended well. I don’t have a processor so I chop everything then add it to the other ingredients to stir and mix. Keep refrigerated and make sure you use it up in a few days.

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