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Romance Author, Cynthia Roberts, has launched two new books, both of which have received a shining Blue Ribbon Review from . 
She is offering all It’s My Side of Life followers and visitors the opportunity to win a FREE EBook of Captive Heart and This Too Shall Pass. Every one may enter to win both books. You can read a blurb on each book and the Blue Ribbon Review by as well below before deciding. 
Once the contest winners have been chosen and posted, Ms. Robert’s will release to any one interested in purchasing her books a 50% Discount Coupon, talk about a great extra bonus! 
**Contest Rules, Simply follow the Rafflecopter rules,
To qualify, all you need do is become a FAN of her Facebook Page at cheaters will not be counted, and yes I do check to make sure people follow rules! The more people enter, the more winners picked so grab your friends and have them enter as well!! 

100 entries    ~ 2 winners will be chosen
250 entries    ~ 3 winners will be chosen
500 entries    ~ 4 winners will be chosen
1,000 entries ~ 5 winners will be chosen
1,500 entries ~ 5 winners will be chosen
2,000 entries ~ 6 winners will be chosen
EBooks are available for all of the following formats: Online Reading from your computer, Kindle, Epub for Apple iPad/IBooks, Nook, Sony Readers, Kobo, Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital, LRF and Palm Doc reading devices.
Captive Heart
A Seneca maiden is banished from her tribe and finds herself caught between two worlds ~ remaining who she is, or the woman she secretly wishes to become. Captive Heart is a soulful tale of spiritual rebirth, and a passionate love story that blossoms during an extremely difficult journey of revelation. 
Review ~ 4.5 Stars ~ Link to Review
A poignant tale, CAPTIVE HEART, the second book in talented author Cynthia Roberts’ IROQUOIS series, is a warm, passionate historical romance that will transport you back to colonial America. This tale of spiritual rebirth and passionate love gives insight into the Indian people, who are often thought of as savage, but in reality only seek to peacefully coexist with the white man. There are lessons that we could take from them. They live off the land, not depleting it, but honoring it and live close to their God, thanking Him for their blessings and seeking His guidance in their every action. This beautifully written story will touch your heart as it gives a perception into another way of life. By combining love, passion, hatred, danger, spiritual guidance, kidnapping, violence, remorse, Indian customs and legends as well as second chances, Ms. Roberts has penned a story that is unforgettable. Whether you are a fan of colonial and Indian romances or not, I believe you will enjoy this story. This book can be read as a standalone, but for additional enjoyment, do not miss the first book in this series, WIND WARRIOR, the tale of Winnokin and White Dove. I recommend CAPTIVE HEART and look forward to reading more of Cynthia Roberts’ works.
This Too Shall Pass
Rising from the ashes once you hit rock bottom is not easy for a woman alone. Neither is the journey along the road to self-discovery. The end result proves awe inspiring for Alana Waverly when fate steps in, however, and presents her with the wonderful possibility of not only finding love, but believing in it again.
Review ~ 5 stars ~ Link to Review ~
THIS TOO SHALL PASS, the latest novel by talented author Cynthia Roberts, is a touching, emotion-packed contemporary romance that reminds us not to take life for granted. Each chapter begins with a few words of wisdom about life and living it to the fullest. At times, it will bring a smile to your face and at other times, tears will appear, as you find yourself empathizing with Alana and the struggles she goes through. You also cannot help but love Dylan who sticks with her through thick and thin. Ms. Roberts brings these complex characters to life right before your eyes until it almost seems as if Dylan and Alana are people you know. With creativity, passion and emotion, Ms. Roberts fills her story with life’s hardships and blessings, beautifully clever dialogue, vulnerable characters with realistic problems, a real life plot, romance and true love, making this moving story one you will want to read and then read again. It will remind you of how truly fortunate you are and how important it is to make the most of the limited time you have here on Earth. I highly recommend this book and look forward to see what Ms. Roberts comes up with next.
This Contest will Run for two weeks, I will email winner(s) by email, so make sure you are using one you check and respond within 48hrs. This is open to all! 

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