Our Homemade Puzzle

This took some time, and much careful cutting but it finally came together!

Our hand crafted puzzle,the board itself fits into a custom puzzle box with a handle and locks. Take a look!

We still need to find a chain so we can hold it open, but that’s a minor details for later. 

Board out of the case, Texas of course is moved to show puzzle piece 
Last but not least, the top of the case which is also carved out and tacked on. 

We hand drew the states on a piece of wood before each piece was cut out on a table saw and then each buffed up with some hand tools. Using two pieces of wood we fit them together with the cut out “shape” of the states and fit them together permanently. That made the puzzle board. The rest was hand painted of course, the case a breeze and with a handle, latches as well as a hinge it came together. I still have to hand write the states on though so I will update you all with a picture when that is finished!

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