Chaos In the Garden – Mint

It’s always busy in the garden but this week it seemed like chaos left and right. While I’m working on the winter garden, the neighborhood cats keep digging them up. Tried covering them, staking plastic down even, that cat keeps coming back. Arg! Between new plantings and chasing cats though I have been transferring mint around the garden and collecting it’s seeds. I’ve never had to plant mint, it just grew itself in our backyard, but we had to tear most of it down as it started to over crowd other plants including our grapes.

Mint is super easy to grow, not even sure how you would kill it honestly, it’s got nice wide roots which you can simply pull up, plug in water then drop in another hole for it to thrive in. Pretty simple! They remind m of strawberries honestly, the root system.  You can very easily split one plant into several different ones and as long as you have good solid roots, you are good to go, it will come back growing strong.

Collecting it’s seeds is just as easy as any other plant, simply wait for the flowers to bloom, they need to dry out on the plant itself and then you collect the little “dead heads” the seeds nest inside . I end up putting branches in a plastic bag then just smashing it up so the seeds fall to the bottom of the bag. After that it’s just a matter of separating the seeds out.

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