Bob Evans Helps with Thanksgiving- Interview with Chef Eisel

This was really fun for me! The Chef for Bob Evan Farms, took my holiday baking and cooking questions and answered them for an interview!

 Chef Eisel offered me some tips and tricks to spice up and add some flare to the good old traditional comfort foods we normally have at the table. While I love the traditional sides during the holidays most of you know I really enjoy changing things up now and again (ok all the time!) 

My questions were based on my families traditional sides, carrots, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and even the correct way to “prepare” the turkey as we all hear more than enough ways to do it. It was possibly the one question I really looked forward to hearing, because hey, he’s a Chef! I wanted the secrets of his master plans to cook. I also asked an easy way to bring in some yummy home grown greens to the holiday dinner table,I loved the tips he gave and plan on using them throughout the holiday season!

Take a look at Chef Eisel answering my questions and sharing his tips for some new twists to simple yet lovable sides. 

Want some more tips to help you through this holiday season? Check out the website Bob Evans for some recipes and great new tips you can use throughout the season.

7 thoughts on “Bob Evans Helps with Thanksgiving- Interview with Chef Eisel

  1. Jennifer Williams

    I make homemade almost everyday for my family, Thanksgiving is the one day that a lot of relatives come over and I use Bob Evans sides. I know everyone wants home cooked and the Turkey or ham is, but I like spending time with my family I rarely get to see. What a great interview, love learning new things.

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