Broken bones, freak outs and friends that support!

If any of you have noticed, I have been MIA in  the blog world for about a week, even before then as well. The last two months or so I have apparently been walking around on a stress fracture , and last week I went out with a bang and added a broken bone to that fracture! Not to put things mildly I threw caution to the wind and ignored it, pushed pain aside, – yes, no joke- and went on with my day until I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. Not smart let me tell you, but I have a high threshold of pain so honestly I shrugged it right off.
 Being told I had not just a fracture but a break, a major one at that, it was shocking. Utterly still shocking.
I literally laughed, stared at the trauma team as they started to tell me to sign papers for surgery and waited for the joke- A clown or something to pop out and say “Got You!”
It was, of course not a joke, but it took me probably an hour, a good hour to finally let it sink in before I pretty much started to freak out. After all I not only walked on that stress fracture a month or longer, but had managed to limp and get things done for 21 hours after breaking a bone. It left me baffled as well as shocked into my own very fast spiraling “freak out” to say the least. Things happened in a little time warp effect, people moved fast around me, though my world went super slow. I lost hours, conversations and just couldn’t believe what was happening. My worry wasn’t with me it was for my kids, who would help them, take care of them, my husband how he would be able to deal with it and work and all. A lot thrown at me in very little time!

  Emergency surgery was several hours later, day is still very fuzzy with those happy drugs running through me that day. It’s scary how you lose time, even more scary to be alone when it’s happening. My husband was left with no choice but to handle the four kids on his own! (which has never happened before, I think he was freaking out more than me at that point) He did amazing though, and the kids may have drove him crazy but he handled the most stressful traumatic thing this family has been hit with with great patience!

Here are my kids visiting me the next day

Surgery was as I was told a little over 3 hours and I stayed in the hospital for several days of course, finally came home just the other day. Very hard to adjust. I will not be able to walk for about 3 months (at the least) for someone so active, so busy and always doing something, being told strictly to rest is hard to hear. It’s a daily struggle already, just not something I’m used to in any way. Only been a week and I am very frustrated with the situation. Healing of course takes time, which I now seem to have plenty off (time goes too slow in these situations) and patience. Patience I have, but apparently not with this “resting” part of things.
 The kids, though happy to have me back just do not seem to get the whole picture of Mom being hurt. It will be a struggle and a daily adjustment for everyone, but I am very happy just to be in one piece and home with family again. A new adventure to add to my life I said, and yes even with a smile. You cannot deal with things with a negative outlook in anyway, so this is my new start of a new adventure and ther will be plenty to work through over the coming months. I’m ready for it!


 Huge shout out to my friend over at Something Like Life, Mellissa, my very dear friend who kept me from losing my mind this past week since it all started and keeping my family back east informed of what was going on. Thank you for being there as well as being such a great supporting friend day to day!

A wonderful group of loving dear friends, Angie, Laura, Tina, Melissa, Alyssa, Kelli, Miranda, Danielle, Kelly & Carissa and Mellissa, you are the best and love you all, thank you all so much for being there for me. You guys are my rock and I am truly honored to know each one of you the last several years. Bless you all for all the constant support, friendship and just for being you. You truly mean the world to me!

 My Family back East – all of you (so many to list!) that are always there for support- Thank you for your prayers & the constant support! I miss you all as well *hugs* 

To my other blogging buddies, and FB family to boot, my neighbors, friends and local parents at my kids schools you all rock and I have cried several times this week for all the support you have thrown my way! Thank you so very much, you have made coming home easier and have offered so much of your time already to help us out.
 To my Surgeon, of course -> Thanks for fixing my bones up nicely! To the wonderful humorous staff of the hospital who kept popping in and out of my room to keep me company, major thanks and no offense hope not to see the insides of the trauma wing again!
To my new Physical Trainer(s) awesome ladies, and to a great new friend who out of the blue brought me soup a day after meeting me this week THANKS!

 Last but not least, Thanks to my husband, for being there and not losing your mind during the last week! I wouldn’t have made it this far without you, your support or care. You have been amazing as always  🙂 Thank you!

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  1. Mellissa Hanks

    So glad to have you as a friend :O) glad I could be there to keep you sane,if that is what we are calling us now ;o). I wish I could have been there in more then just spirit, texts and calls. I am so glad to hear though you are getting some much needed support. Hopefully the kids don't drive you to batty!<3

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