JumpStart’s new interactive Madagascar fun!

Jumpstart is loved in this house!
 Three out of my four kids use Jumpstart, but my youngest just loves to watch it. they all enjoy the spacious area of play which keeps them all entertained. The new interactive Madagascar area is a hit with all of us.

The kids can take their Jumpee (the person they are in the game around to the areas the same as the movie.  Traveingl from the Central Park Zoo in New York City , all the way to Venice , Italy and through other parts of Europe . All of your kids’ favorite characters are there too! They’ll see Alex, Melman, Gloria, Marty and the Penguins .

Check out this video that takes you around the new fun ares!
The best  features that I love as a parent about Jumpstart are it’s safety , ease of use, and the target age group. While some areas are more challenging for older kids, there’s places for all the kids. They can roam, enjoy and or play games. Jumpstart also changes with the seasons, and it has a nice surprise for the kids birthday, besides new games, new areas it’s always coming up with new ways to keep it new. 
 There are no pop up ads, nothing they can accidentally click on and take them to other websites. I can leave the kids be and they can learn and have fun all at once. If you haven’t already checked out Jumpstart I encourage you to do so! The kids will enjoy and you can trust the site!. We have used it for two years now! 

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