Late Tomatoes- Garden Update

The garden has been neglected for a full week, which I will tell you about in another post entirely. Luckily though with rain,  and some warm weather it has thrived enough without me being busy keeping up with it. I still have many tomatoes coming in which is great!

 Squash even beans and the last of the peas will be finished this week. My winter garden on the other hand took a hard hit, as I have been out of “commission” for a week and in the hospital I wasn’t able to care and keep critters out of it. I lost half my harvest, but still have plenty to work with. With warm weather still pretty much every other day as well I can and may still get a good handle on starting some new greens. Who knows , stranger things have happened!

I have tons of broccoli as well! Makes me so happy to look at it! It’s just reaching up in all it’s green glory I cannot wait to taste it soon enough! I’ll take a picture later for next week 🙂

Anything happening in your neck of the woods?