Oh the power of the green! – Spinach

Remember growing up with the cartoon Popeye The Sailor Man? He popped a can of spinach and eats it?  First off, spinach in a can? Not happening. I don’t know even as a kid that was not something I would have done, make me strong or not, that didn’t look too appetizing. Fresh Spinach though, now that I can do! 
Facts about Spinach

 Spinach is a mood boosting green most people look over.
There is an abundance of B vitamins which aid in the production of serotonin,
which is produced by the brain and helps you feel calm and relaxed.  If you have a deficiency you’re not making
enough serotonin and you may have mood problems.  Tryptophan is another nutrient that helps
produce serotonin and it’s also found in spinach.

 Another very important
vitamin found in Spinach – folate-, which again is critical for your mood!
About 2 cups of spinach gives you half of the recommended folate, which if you’re
lacking could be the cause for some depression. Zinc also has been found to
help mood swings, and fatigue. Didn’t think one vegetable could hold so much
mood power did you? Well keep reading, there’s more!
Manganese- spinach is a great source of this, which helps
protect against mood, disorders even PMS as well as depression. Another fact-Spinach
really is brain food, manganese helps with your brain function overall. Another
mineral found in spinach is selenium, which also aids greatly in brain function.
Magnesium, that lovely vitamin that keeps you from being
tired and worn out helps improve your mood is found in this powerful green.
Have insomnia? Spinach can help.
Simple green leaf-  powerful impact on your overall health. It
packs a punch and it’s easy to add to most meals. I add about three cups to
beans when I make it, or toss it into sandwiches for the kids. I sneak it into sautéed
corn and slip it into sloppy Joes. Eat it raw or steam it, it’s up to you but
add it into your diet and see how it could start boosting your overall mood and

 It may look small, but it’s benefits are huge. 

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