Mohawk Home Rug Review & Giveaway

 Few months ago I posted about the review about my new Kitchen Mohawk Rug. The winner picked never got back to me, not even the second or third one I picked! I decided to run the giveaway again so here is your last chance for a great giveaway! So Happy Holidays, and good luck! On to the review-

My Mohawk rug was styling, I picked the wine reserve one. You know how I adore wine so this was a welcome addition to my kitchen. The mat was very cushioned which surprised me as most mats I see are just material not foam and ust a rug material so it’s not nice to stand on at all. This was great, cushioned nice to stand on and an important fact- You can wipe spills off easily from the surface. *Do not get the foam wet it will tear and rip apart.  

Pretty isn’t it? It was large too, 20×30 perfect size for infront of the kitchen sink or the stove. For $19.99 this was a great bargain in my opinion. It doesn’t slip on the ground, you don’t slip on it even when wet, easy to clean and keeps it’s color after great amount of usage. You can find many styles to fit right into your home, sizes as well and never go wrong. 

Want to win a Mohawk kitchen rug yourself? Now is your chance, enter below in the rafflecopter. Please keep in mind- The winner may choose any Mohawk Home items valued up to $19.99 that includes doormats, kitchen rugs, bath mats, and rug padding. They can go here to choose: **
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