Sore Throat? Make some Jelly! – Recipe

With cold weather surrounding us and colds knocking at our doors we need to be prepared for all those sniffles and coughs. Colds are colds, they happen to us all and you just have to ride them out. There’s no magical medicine that would knock a cold right out of you, your body just needs to go through it. There are however things you can do right in your own home to help aid and sooth colds, coughs and sore throats. One thing I have found over the years is a simple syrup or jelly that you should always have on hand. It’s made with honey, ginger and lemons.


These three ingredients are packed full of benefits your body needs during the cold and flu season, here are only a few benefits  : 

Why Honey? 

Honey is a go to ingredient in this house , not just for sweetening teas or drinks, but first aid and even other health issues. Honey has antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidants activities in it, which makes it ideal to have on hand. Scraps, burns, cuts, bee stings- honey. Start of a cold, chest feeling tight, sore throat? Honey.  Go local, go unprocessed, go honey! 

 Why lemons?

 Lemons are a rich source of nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin C and pectin fiber. It also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties and contains traces of iron and vitamin A. It helps maintain your immune system and even boosts it when in need, and can help protect you from most types of infections. It is a great body detox, one cup of warm lemon water in the morning can help rid your body of toxins that have built up. 

Why Ginger? 

Ginger has  powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and has been used in various of forms of traditional and non traditional medicines. It can help sooth sore muscles and reduce pain over a given time ( days of intake), has even been known to increase brain function . Known mainly for it’s use for settling upset stomachs it can also cut down on your chances for infections, and even lower your blood pressure, along with cholesterol, and the super food helps you fight off the flu and cold season with it’s immune boosting powers. 

So my question is this to you, Why not Honey, Lemon and Ginger? Make the Jelly , you won’t be sorry! 

You can add this jelly to any drink, or just lap it up off the spoon, who’s going to stop you? I even enjoy it on toast sometimes just for the heck of it. 


Cut up a lemon into slices.  Slice the ginger as well and place both  into the jar. Pour honey (local and organic are best!) into the jar over the slices. Cover and let sit in the fridge. It will make a jelly and you can keep it up to about 3 months. You can use it right away but try to let it sit half a day or a full day. 



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