No Kid Hungry

Right now, more than 16 million children in the US struggle with hunger. Many of them start the school day too hungry to learn. Some dread the long summer months because they can’t count on school meals. Most of them simply don’t have enough food at home on a regular basis.

Every dollar you give can connect a hungry child with up to 10 meals; for example, a tax-deductible gift of $20 a month is enough to help connect hungry children with 200 meals — that’s 2,400 meals over the course of the year!

Joining The Hunger Core is easy and you can change the amount of your gift at any time. Plus, we won’t ask you to renew your giving since your support will always be current. 
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One thought on “No Kid Hungry

  1. Mellissa Hanks

    I'm having so many angry problems right now about children going hungry. We are VERY blessed at our school ALL children get a free breakfast in our district and everyone must fill out the lunch form upon registration so many get free or reduced and it isn't like when we were kids were kids had to be ashamed. But I recently learned of a really stupid federal law. Every day our school throws out probably 200 unopened items. Yet children go hungry at night! Thanks to some idiot in the federal government(shocking right) those items can no longer be saved after they have been touched(yes even sealed items like milk or carrots in little bags, apples) be anyone other then food service staff! Ok rant over 😛

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