Recipe Challenge Day 13- Gluten Free Bread

So yum! 

Came across this recipe on Gluten Free Goddess, you can find the recipe right here. I won’t re-post the recipe as she hasn’t gotten back for me to use it so just use the link above and check it out!  I tossed in oatmeal trying to spruce it up and it all fell off the top, I thought it was funny up until it littered my oven and burned. Oh well,  next time I’ll push the oatmeal in a little more . This was a great bread. The blog Gluten Free Goddess Recipes has tons, and tons of amazing recipes if you need some inspirational gluten free meals to add to your menu!

3 thoughts on “Recipe Challenge Day 13- Gluten Free Bread

  1. Daisy Bryce

    My friend feels like not being able to eat gluten is a death sentence, but it really isn't! I'm so glad to come across this post so that I can send her the link to that recipe! I'm going to buy the ingredients and visit her to make this.

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