Recipe Challenge Day 20- Herb Blend

This recipe is used nearly every other day in the kitchen, and I get tired of picking up little jars of the blend so why not make one yourself ?

Italian Herb Blend

12 tablespoons dried basil
6 tablespoons dried oregano crumbled up
4 tablespoons dried parsley crumbled
4 tablespoons dried thyme crumbled
2 tablespoons dried garlic (minced)

Mix together in a zip lock bag or an airtight container. This is good for 3 months. Use it to make dressing, dress up chicken or turkey. Use i bread recipes or even pizza dough to make it an herbal dough. Put about a tablespoon in olive oil in ice cubes and freeze. You will be able to take a cube out and melt in a pan while cooking. Frugal, easy why haven’t you done it yet?