Copper Wiring in the Garden

I wrote before about how to get rid of snails in the garden, you can catch all those posts here and of course I will add to it. The last two weeks I have set out copper wiring around my greens growing. There have been major problems with snails eating away at the leaves and the other methods haven’t gotten rid of the few doing the damage.

Copper is said to deter snails away . Some say banana slugs are not fooled by copper and some even say wiring isn’t thick enough to make any magic happen but I’m trying it until I get my next project finished. I have spoken to a few other people who mention wire meshing ( lay it along the ground) and wire tape that goes on the plant itself. There’s also the lady that said she grabs handfuls of pennies and tosses them in her yard. Not so sure she mows her lawn or not, or rather cares but she was raising her eyebrow at me when I started questioning. Don’t question penny throwing ladies!

That’s the copper wire that goes around the plants 

Copper wiring, it was all I had on hand so I used it.  So far I’m not sure what the results are it’s been 2 weeks now and though I see no more huge gaping holes in the green leaves I found a slug in there anyways.

 Mixed results, found a slug but the major damage stopped as of now, so yeah it seems to work for most the slugs but a few seem to get past. Will update if I find out anymore along with a new project!

What’s happening in your garden? Got slugs? Bugs?

SNOW?  ha Sorry 🙂

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