Garden Update – Waiting, planning, digging and waiting again.

You will be bombarded by garden posts from here on out. I am out in the dirt everyday for hours at a time with something to do and this is the “down time” really.  Starting in a few weeks it will be prime time for planting for most people but it’s already started for me for awhile now. My four season garden took a hit last year when I was injured, and now that I’m finally up and about I’ve been kick starting it back to life. I still have to take it easy, it’s not easy getting around the garden still, my broken hip is getting stronger I just can’t lift much and it kind of puts a damper on things in the garden. Time will heal, and I have plenty of time.

  Came across baby tomato plants already coming up, and found some hidden squash gourds that gave me some extra seeds. All my seedlings are sunbathing in tiny pots. It will be a few more weeks before they get in the ground, and while I’m waiting on those I’ve been planting other things everywhere. Flowers, beans, peas more lettuce! It’s been busy to say the least.

Been laying out the plan for planting for summer though. Rows of every kind of vegetable and am ready for whenever the seedlings get big enough to be in the ground. 
While I wait on that, I am also in the waiting for broccoli seeds. Getting tons of flowers and yet half don’t seem to be making seeds.
 Very frustrating waiting for this, but the wait has come to an end! I found seed pods today! 
Now I just wait till they dry out and collect them like any other seeds. 
Oh the waiting process never ends in the garden but I enjoy it!
Are you waiting for anything in the garden? Perhaps the weather? Have you started any seeds, planned on buying any vegetables? What’s the scoop? 

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