“I Can Do It” Reward Chart and “On Track” System by Kenson Kids- Review & Giveaway

Guest Review by Jennifer

Today we received our “I Can Do It” Reward Chart and “On Track” System from Kenson Kids, Inc. My Father in Law brought in the package and handed it to me and the first thing my son asks is, “Is it for me?” My response was, “Of course, aren’t they always for you?” We ripped into the package and my daughter is right there eager to see what is in the package.

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When they saw the stars that were already on the chart they both got so excited because there were GOLD stars on the chart. This chart and system could not come at a better time. It seems that the “TERRIBLE TWOS” have come a year late for my daughter and have turned into the “TERRIBLE THREES” for her. She has been having horrible fits that we experienced when my son was 18 months and there was no reasoning with him. She refuses to eat anything we give her, it is either too spicy or too yucky, without her even trying it. I am hoping that since she is so excited about the stars and she will get to put a star on her chart for every success, she will start to follow the rules! Setting up the chart was very simple and we managed to be in business in seconds. She now knows what is expected of her and at the end, she will get a reward…a My Little Pony Reward, which in her world is the most amazing reward EVER! She is also starting to match pictures with words, as her older brother is learning to read at school, I am excited that this will help her match the word with the task.

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We decided to use the “On Track” System for my son, who is only 5, but a very responsible 5, if that exists. As the big brother, he has always taken it upon himself to do things that most kids his age don’t do. Now that he is in Kindergarten, he has many responsibilities at school, whether it is putting away his coat and backpack to leading the line, or being in charge of the Calendar. He has been known to get a note home saying that he needs to remember to stay on task and complete the task that was asked of him. I believe these behaviors begin at home and are only reinforced at school.

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 We made his Daily Checklist together, he told me the things that he has to do and I wrote them out. I am hoping that he is able to master his Daily Checklist and we can move on to bigger tasks and can move on to The “Master Chore List” which comes complete with a checkbook like system where you can track each chore/behavior/privilege with debit/credit, point balance, extra points and a space for the amount of allowance. This is pretty exciting considering the amount of Math Kindergartners are expected to know these days.

These products are not only helpful for my “SCREAM FREE” parenting resolution, but will help my children feel responsible for their actions and be conscience of their everyday routines. The best part of Kenson Kids products is that they are made in the USA. Will Update in a week with progress! 

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The new On Track! Behavior and Responsibility System from Kenson Kids was created by two moms to teach their pre-teen children organizational skills, accountability and self-reliance by doing household chores, creating daily to-do lists and managing the money they earn.

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The award-winning I Can Do It Reward Chart teaches younger children independence and responsibility by pairing colorful pictures with written tasks to help the child associate words with the task.
Kenson Kids provides parents, teachers and caregivers innovative and practical solutions to assist in the development and well-being of children of all ages. For more information or to purchase, visit www.KensonKids.com.
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**Disclosure- This blog received the products mentioned above , in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write a positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.* 

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