Plant those Beans!

Yes, another garden post! Sick of them yet? Better not be, as it’s prime time for planting around here. I am busy in the dirt every day.  This weekend I planted the 4th set of beans and peas, this way as I had done last year I will have a non stop harvest of vegetables. One full harvest will always be saved for next years seeds, this is the last set planted so it dries on the vine and can be brought in right before winter’s rains. All together there will be 5 total plantings. This is how I do most greens, carrots, anything that does not of course take 80+ days to be ripe- like a tomatoes, Though I truly wish I could do this with them, but that’s a whole other story and it would bore you most likely.

Beans, my beans! 
These are Red Scarlet Beans, my all time favorite. They are very hardy, but like plenty of climbing space. They can be well over 10ft tall but I shift the vines back down . Remember the Bean – Pea Project? This is year 3!  I have neighbors who come by saying they love it when it’s in full bloom. 
This was a taken last May at the start of the season! 
I’m looking forward to seeing the climbing vines again. What is going on in your garden? 

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    Welll…. lucky you that you have nice weather and can get out. We had SNOW AGAIN this morning and suppose to be worse tomorrow…. holy cow… this is April. Time for spring. I am so jealous!!

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