Propagating Plants From Plant Cuttings

A week or so again I showed you how to make a second plant by simple layering and division, a way of laying a branch down to create more roots. It’s extremely easy, it just takes a whole lot of patience to wait for those roots to form.
 This post will be about Cuttings, most all plants you can do this with. Start out with a nice healthy plant, if your using herbs try to do this when they are growing rapidly which is spring time.
I am taking cuttings from Erigeron karvinskianus, or a Mexican Daisy plant. Something is burrowing in underneath it, and has been eating at the stems so it’s slowly dying. I’m trying to save as much as I can.

 You’ll want to take a stem with at least 4 leaves on it. Then remove the bottom leaves so all you have is a top leafed stem.

You will need some sort of medium I recommend vermiculite. This will allow air to move around the bottom of the plant and roots will form more quickly. If you put the stem in plain dirt you may or may not get any roots. You can pack a cup or jar full of dirt and then make a finger hole and fill it with vermiculite, then stick the stem in the middle of it.Then wet the soil but down drown it.

It’s best to keep the cuttings inside, so you can have a better control on temperature, keep it moist and look for new green growth, if there’s growth you’ve got new roots! You can re-pot the plant to something bigger and bring it outside.

Cuttings after they grew roots can be potted in bigger pots
Mexican Daisies 

 I have done this with many plants, herbs are the easiest to do and I’ve also done it with this Mexican Daisy bush. Something is coming into the garden and started to make a nest or burrow in the bush and it’s quickly dying so my focus has been trying to save   as many cuttings as possible to re-plant else ware.

Easy right?

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