Recovering the Garden

Since my injury early in November I have not been able to do much gardening. My four season garden took a hit but it’s still going- kind of like my recovery. Slow but steady. Think snail pace. Set backs are hard to over come and so I’ve been pouring myself into trying to jump start the garden again. It’s not easy since most of what I want to do I am unable to do still with my injury. It’s one frustrating hurdle to deal with after another, but I won’t give up. The garden is just another one of life’s therapies. It takes time dedication and patience all of which I have.

To the garden-
 Under layers of leaves I’ve been happy to discover life in the soil moved forwards without my help.

Mint is coming back, lower than expected but it’s there. Most the plant died off in the winter.

 My greens, well the mustard survived, I have both broad leaf and wild mustard ( used for the mustard seed  for the kitchen) .

I have broccoli as well as different kinds of lettuce still going which is nice to see!

Seedlings were started weeks ago, and then again last week as well as again this week. Every year the same thing happens, kids, cat, squirrel dogs or even me end up messing up a batch or two. Yes I knocked over trays of seedlings so we’re already on batch #3 ! Thankfully it’s still early so it won’t make that much of a difference. Will keep you updated each week with garden news
Anything growing in your neck of the woods? 

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