Baby Buds

These are adorable little plush toys. Or cuddle toys I should say. My kids are a tad old for these so I share them with a local preschool where they would get the best love and care.

I like how soft they are, perfect for the little ones to cuddle up to, hold and just all around snuggle. Cute as can be really. My girls loved them  and wanted them all for themselves. Great for little hands too, easy to snatch up. The color scheme really got me, while most toys are bright colorful and fun, these were soft brown and white- which I loved!
 Look how cute this is an Elephant

I like his floppy legs! 
An Owl tiny blanket! This would make such a great travel toy for the little ones. I know my kids always had that “one” toy that they carried around. It’s about 12 by 12 inches, so not too big but perfect for a snuggle traveler. Someone will surely enjoy it! 

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