Bees, copper and pests!

I am late getting my Garden post up today. We were doing a lot this weekend. Saturday was spent outside in the garden and dodging bees. The overhang right infront of our door is over come by bees. It freaks the kids out but they are mason bees. Mason Bee’s are important in the garden ( all bees are!) Mason Bee’s though don’t even bother with us really they only sting if you squeeze them ( why would you do that!!)  Or step on them, which I have done, and I’ll tell you it hurts less than it does other bees. They really do not bother with people, they are so focused on flowers they could care less with humans or pets. Mason bees are considered “safe”.

 Besides bees, we set up the pool. Each year same weekend long set up , this year no troubles and I cannot wait. I will be able to do water therapy at home from my recovering broken hip! Hopefully it will help me out with my never ending pain. It’s overwhelming most days, never goes away and there’s nothing much to do about it. Just keep fingers crossed that things mend in the next few months.

Garden news!
 Copper, it’s all about copper these days.  Couple weeks back put couple wire in the garden, it was a so-so solution . Since then I put copper mesh in the garden around the most troublesome plants that get killed off within days if not hours ( literally)  of sprouting. The squash mostly are the target.

I placed the mesh right over the areas I planted the seeds, places rocked around the edges to keep the copper down. So far so good. Nothing has touched them, while in another area the squash have vanished. My conclusion so far is copper is proving to be a really good thing to have in the garden. I haven’t lost a plant to snails since putting the mesh down which makes it a win in my book!

What’s happening in your garden?

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  1. Anonymous

    i'm trying this right now! i have several squash doing well except i am battling the grayish white squash bug YUCK am using just natural spray in garden but it really burned up leaves (cabbage and beet especially). keep hoping their stalks will get bigger and grow back and hoping the beets are still growing without their plumage. the squash bugs seem to like to hide down around the stalks so i am going to lay some copper mesh which i thankfully even have. we'll see! i squished a squash bug and they have amazing turquoise blue goo guts lol ~foggy in the ozarks

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