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The Blogger’s Survival Guide is a must have for blogger’s new or even those who have been blogging awhile.

Experienced bloggers or beginners will get a comprehensive guide to survive the world of blogging with this book.  The book is set up in a seven day layout which is perfect for new bloggers to help set up a schedule. It’s important to stay basic not only basic to not overwhelm yourself but to stay true to yourself . The book starts off keeping it real, pick a subject you know and can write about. Keep it real, honest and learn how to attract people with your writing.  Keep a strategy at the same time as quality of course and enjoy it. The chapters are helpful and broken down to be an easy guide to navigate through for all the twists and turns blogging takes you through.   Design, legal issues you may encounter, ad usage and placement perhaps is your area of need. You can easily find the information you are looking for and it’s just all around helpful to have on hand. 
Blogging isn’t easy, fellow blogger’s can relate and agree on this. I have been blogging for three years and started on my own. It took a great deal of time to learn what I know now so this book was nice to review. I wish I had had it at my side years ago and not started blind. While you will always learn along the way it’s more helpful to have some help along the way. The book is not just for beginners, it’s a great book for any blogger at any stage. I found some great tips I didn’t know about even reminders throughout the book that i need to keep in mind while writing. 
No need to feel intimidated by the start of blogging, pick up a copy of Blogger’s Survival Guide and dive into it today! Or if you have been blogging awhile and need a refresher start with this book. 
You can pick up the book at here

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    I just found this book on amazon and am halfway through it! It's very helpful! Makes blogging look manageable! thanks for the review

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