Everest Nutrition Krill Oil- Review

I’m a Mom of four, wife to a diabetic and in recovery from breaking my hip five months ago. Health is and always has been important in my life but it’s even more of a focus ( not that it wasn’t ever). We eat healthy, I even grow our own vegetables, we get our nutritious health from nature as much as possible. Even though you are healthy, eat healthy your body still may need something extra and the past few months I needed it .The need to focus even more on my health for recovery became top priority. Things had to change while I recovered and it started with my health. Most that have followed me know I changed my diet to help me recover faster and one of the things that’s been added to my diet is Everest Nutrition Krill Oil.

   What is Krill Oil?  It’s a Omega-3’s which have amazing health benefits. What are some of the benefits of Omega 3 Krill Oil?  Some of them are helping your heart, lowering cholesterol, even brain power for you! The biggest reason I added this Omega-3 into my daily routine is for the benefits of it’s helpful anti inflammatory properties. I broke my hip in two places, nothing simple about that, and every day I fight inflammation while I recover. Every little bit helps when trying to keep it as low as possible. 

While fish oils ( Omega- 3’s) are an excellent addition to your diet, Krill oil is a little different and your body absorbs it easier even faster making it the best possible choice. You want the best benefits , and boosting your over all health is number one priority  Krill oil is great for the entire family, even has studies to help blood sugar health which is a huge help for my husband battling diabetes. You take two capsules with your breakfast and are set for the day. 
Going beyond the regular Krill Oil on the market, Everest Nutrition Krill Oil as an extra addition that your body needs. Astaxanthin <– I had to look this up as I’ve never heard of it and it turns out it’s a powerfully packed antioxidant that can help in many ways. Helps free some radicals from your body, helps over all health, skin, liver helps boost that immune system to fight off illnesses and if that’s not even for you, it’s been known to help fight off aging.

If you are already taking Fish oils, I highly recommend switching to Everest Nutrition Krill Oil for the maximum health benefits of much needed Omgea-3’s. It’s a great addition to your line up of supplements so check it out.

I was happy to participate in this Blog Friendly PR campaign. I received Krill Oil for this review and no other compensation was given , any and all opinions are my own as always. 

12 thoughts on “Everest Nutrition Krill Oil- Review

  1. Melanie

    I have never used Krill Oil, but think it would be soo beneficial for me; will check with my doctor next time I go and will come back t find out more about this brand. Thanks for sharing

  2. Barb W.

    I take fish oil supplements and really need to try krill oil- would certainly love the have the maximum benefit for my efforts!

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