Food Safety- Food Recalls

 Perhaps you have stumbled on a news article about recalls once in awhile or have heard from a friend , but did you know that there is an updated list at ?

Food recalls are issued for your families safety of while it is a concern there is no reason to go into a panic .  Stay informed, check your food dates and just follow the recall list. 
What do you do if you come across food that’s been recalled ? 

  • Do not eat the product.
  • Do not provide the product to others. (e.g. do not give to a food bank)
  • Do not feed pets with the product as they may become sick just like you.
  • Do not puncture or otherwise open cans
  • Return to the place of purchase for a refund or simply dispose of the product. 
  • If you had handled the product with your hands e.g. meat/sea food- wash your hands and surfaces in which the products has touched.