Garden tip – Protect seedlings

Sunday I posted about Tomato seedlings and since this is the weather for prime planting I wanted to share another easy tip to get the best start on the summer garden. Often this time of year we get weather all over the place. It was freezing not two weeks ago, then down poured for days, hailed another and suddenly scorching hot. This week it’s been so windy I’ve had to move seedlings and small plants under a protective cover so the delicate plants don’t snap. 

For any and all weather changes a simple recycled water bottle can help you out with the little plants. 
Take a water bottle and cut in half. Cut the mouth piece off and cut the very bottom off so you now have two pieces .
 Now just place the cut bottle around the seedling and press slightly into the dirt so it stands up. 
This protects from wind and I’ve found it helps against frost – but for frost leave the tops of the bottle on and place in dirt over seedling. While it doesn’t keep bugs or snails out it does keep other critters out. Sadly this mustard green was half eaten by snails. 
I will forever be dealing with snails, but hey at least the wind won’t damage the plant! 🙂 
What’s going on in your garden?

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