Chamomile Flowers – Collecting Seeds and General Care

Growing Chamomile is fairy easy to grow. You may sow them outside after danger of frost is gone and they should grow on their own. Generally Chamomile likes sun but it does tolerate shade. They prefer rich soil and well drained so if your ground stays wet you should make sure it drains well.

I’m growing Chamomile for teas and have several plants throughout the garden, one is for strictly the harvest of seeds in which I never cut back.

This is German Chamomile 

Chamomile seeds are TINY! So Tiny.

Collecting the seeds is simple, unless you let them fall to the ground and in that case I’ll recommend if you plan on collecting, check each day so this doesn’t happen. Sometimes the petals are still on the flower when the seeds are coming off so keep an eye on them.

Here is a cone with petals and ready to harvest for seeds. You’ll  see the cone start to come apart, the and can just pluck it right off the stem. I scrap the seeds off into a jar ten clip the empty cones off later.

 As always with seeds store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.
 In order to harvest for teas you will snip the entire stem for a German Chamomile flower when the flowers are fully open. Dry then on drying screens. Roman Chamomile you pluck the flowers leaving the stems. Same drying system.
If you happen to be allergic to Ragweed, you may also be allergic to Chamomile, so heads up!

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