Chives- Companion planting

I’ve been asked to post more from readers about all things gardening, who am I to turn down that request? Also well let’s face it- we are in the prime planting season so I have plenty to post about in the garden. Today we’re talking Chives!

One of the easiest things to grow are chives, whether onion or garlic you could pretty much just toss seeds at dirt and they will take over growing for you. Just water them and you are done. The best things I find about growing chives though are this-  they don’t take up much space, they grow fast, they bloom quickly and draw in bees early in the season. There’s plenty other reason too, one being they are great companion plants .

Companion plants are great, while people need friends to keep them company, so do plants. By doing so you get benefits, whether by the added flavor to a vegetables or fruit, or less bugs to deal with, even less plant disease. Some plants have different benefits, but all are helping you out.

 A great way to boost tomato flavors is planting chives in with the tomatoes.( do not plant with peas or beans)  You can also plant them with carrots and even roses to help prevent black spots! I grow a large amount of chives throughout the garden and even have one main container just for one reason-  making a homemade garden spray. If you make a chive tea, which is just blending up a bunch of chives in water you can spray plants and keep them from forming mildew which will take an entire plant out. I spray it mostly on cucumbers and it’s helped save them.

 They not only taste great but they are super helpful throughout the garden!

Garlic Chives will have white flowers while Onion chives will have purple flowers.

After the chives go to flower you will see them dry up a bit.  Keep watching until the petals part just a little and you can see the black seeds inside. Simply tip the dried flower head down into a bag or jar to collect it’s seeds. Store in cool dry dark place and plant when you want!

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  1. Amy

    I should plant chives again, I had them last year and used them in so many recipes. The other day we were making potato salad and had to actually buy some from the store for the first time in a long time

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