Garden update – Farewell to Spring

My garden as far as vegetables is going so far is right on track. Lettuce, greens, peas, beans and squash will be collected first while the tomatoes, peppers , eggplants cucumbers and more will come a little later. Right now though I am still knee deep in flowers and collecting their seeds which I don’t mind one bit! 

In the attempts to name all the wildflowers that came unnamed to me I’ve been able to get another one down-  Clarkia Amoea or Farewell to Spring. 

They tend to be about 3 feet tall, and come in a variety of pinks, whites and deep purple.

I love them! The only one drawback is waiting on the seeds. Since they are so tall, waiting for the deadhead and then drying seed pod sticks out like a sore thumb in the garden.  Last year I had missed seed collection because well, I was in the hospital! So all those seeds scattered around the garden and they seem to take twice as long to go from flower to seed. I had to pull a few because they started to crowd the vegetables, which sucks I hate pulling plants.  There’s still a ton left though around the house.  Here are the colors – 

Deep Pink and Light Pink 
Almost White, and light Pink
Light Pink and Dark Pink
Deep Pink and White 
I have a few buds with purple  but they haven’t bloomed yet! I’ll update when they do. 
Have any flowers in the garden? What’s growing? What’s not? 

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