Keep on Rolling!

If you remember a few weeks ago I mentioned how I have started to bike which is part of my recovery PT . I bike everyday now with the family around our local track. Everyone that is expect my youngest who is four.  Normally while I bike around the track the kids take up the field and play for awhile or bike around the track a few times. My youngest though feels left out so my husband took some old things around the house and came up with an idea.

Homemade Bike Wagon!  I don’t have directions for this, even progress pictures as he built it so fast I had no idea he had done it till he took my crutches and cut them in half. Yes, he used crutches to build a bike wagon! Materials were all scrap things laying around. 
Take a look
The wheels were from an old bike, wood from an old desk. 
Metal frame and attachment is my crutch! Yup, you read that right. 
Using a simple metal plate he was able to screw in the ends of the crutch piece for attaching to the back of the bike. 
Pretty neat isn’t it?  My youngest daughter loves it! We won’t of course use this on the road, we use it on the sidewalk, and the track but it’s perfect and sturdy. Holds both my youngest and a sports bag loaded up with water and other items for the kids to play in. We’ll attach some hand rails and I’m thinking about making a harness or seat so she can strap in. Now my daughter can cheer us all on as we pedal around the track!
What do you do to get the entire family out and about? Do you exercise as a family ? Stay tuned for the blogs Fitness Event which is coming up real fast! 

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    I do Tae Kwon Do with my family. And Soon I will be opening a Tae Kwon Do School with my family.

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