Mexican Daisy’s

These cheerful little Daisy’s are a favorite in my yard. I love how they come in different colors, pinks, purples, whites , a nice blend to look at each day. They stay blooming from spring to fall and are pretty much a “bush” . In the last few years I’ve taken clippings to propagate and plant around the yard. Now that I have several of them going it was time to collect their seeds. It’s a long delicate operation because these little flowers make even smaller seeds that can blow away with a breath of air. Literally.

With a long blooming season they also seed throughout as well. They get that cute fuzz like a dandelion and blow away so easily you have to collect the seeds on a calm day. Even then though you’re most likely going to see seeds fly away. 
Cute fuzz head! 

Such tiny seeds! 

I’ve decided to collect two ways, one by snatching up the fuzzy seed heads and another is simply brush them off some rocks that I shoved under one of the bushes. This way, when the wind blows the seeds, they collect on the rock, making collection a little easier.

The seeds are so delicate I use a paint brush. 

While collection may be tricky, growing is even more trickier. It’s easier to make cuttings and root them than grow by seeds. 
You do not cover these seeds but mix with fine sand or even lime not dirt.  It takes about 4-6 weeks to germinate and you must keep them moist and only use a light sprinkle or even mist or else you will damage the seedlings. It takes a lot of care to get these pretty flowers going! Totally worth all the time you put into them! They last long, and are cheerful to have in the garden. 
Once you get past this stage you will have a hardy plant that is resistant to drought, and pretty much cares for itself. The bush simple rests through the winter then comes to life in the spring each year, making it a joy to have around in the garden. 

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  1. Porgie's Mom

    Hi there, How you propagate this plant from clipping? I'm dying to have one & all my attempts to do it from seeds failed 🙁 How long it takes seeds to germinate? I actually lay the seeds on a damp tissue paper & put it inside a transparent drink cup & covered the opening with a cling wrap.

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